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Kitemanera, sponsors
Kitemanera 2017 is less than two weeks away! Can you believe it? We’ve come so far from that first event in 2014. Now it is a kitesurfing carnival of epic proportions. Dare we say the BEST kite event in the Caribbean? Yes, yes we will make that claim.

But none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of island businesses and friends from around the world. Together they make it possible to give you an amazing experience. So without further ado…a little Kitemanera love for our main sponsors – Fly Your Dreams Foundation, Claro Beer and Rocargo – plus everybody else who has chipped in this year. We love you all and your fantastic contributions!

Kiteboarding Bonaire
Gaia Productions
Kite City

Spice Beach Club
Island Girl Writing
Beach Vibes
Romeo Di Batista
Hole Clothing
Casa Calexico – Your Guesthouse on Bonaire
Epic Tours
Courtyard by Marriott
Bonaire Kiteschool
Orellana Foundation
Lieuwe Boards
Island Tribe
Phish Phaktory
Caribe Watersports
Bonaire Tourism Corporation
We Share Bonaire
Bistro de Paris
Windhoek Resort
Jibe City
Eden Beach
Kiptukkie Chicken

Thanks to all for your loyal support. We’ll see you on the beach!

Kitemanera, sponsors

Carlos Mario. Youri Zoon. Lasse Walker. 

What do these guys have in common besides being epic pro riders who are ALL coming to Kitemanera 2017? When they’re not showing us their sick tricks on the H2O, they’re all going to be relaxing at the most luxe, laid back guesthouse on Bonaire.

Windhoek Resort.

A huge Kitemaneros THANK YOU to the boys – Roan & Freek – for making sure our pros chill in style at the only four-star, eco resort on the island. Amazing villas in a lush garden. A ridiculous pool with enough lounge chairs for all the boys and their friends. A palapa as big as the guys’ big air jumps. Plus a communal BBQ for all those grill n’ chill sessions after dark. And the best part? This tropical paradise is just a few minutes from Atlantis Kite Beach, the main site for Kitemanera 2017. We have to admit, we’re a little jealous.

So check out Windhoek and show them a little love, too. Oh, and did we mention the Windhoek Kitemanera special? Yeah, check that out too. 50% off your stay if you’re coming to the most epic kitesurfing event in the Caribbean. We can’t think of a more perfect place to call home if you’re coming to Bonaire to kite. 

See you on the beach!

Kitemanera, sponsors
Admit it. One reason you love Kitemanera so much is the awesome lycras that come in your goodie bag. You know you secretly love to wear them (the lycras, not the goodie bag…unless that’s your thing, in which case…go for it) long after the event, during random kite sessions at Atlantis or wherever you happen to be around the world. Spreading a little Kitemanera cheer throughout the year.

And when you’re looking great on the beach wearing your new swag at Kitemanera 2017, be sure and say thanks to Rocargo…this year’s sponsor who made them possible. They have also sponsored a bunch of other stuff, too. Like the super-cool, overwater stage for the fashion show during the Kitemanera kick-off on Friday night, May 26th. Thanks for keeping the sexy models out of the pool, guys.

We couldn’t do it without our major sponsors. So a huge Kitemanera shout-out to Robbie and the team at Rocargo. Without their support, we’d all be topless on the beach during Kitemanera. Oh wait…are we really saying that like it would be a bad thing?

Just kidding! Stay stoked, keep your clothes on at the beach and we’ll see you all soon.

Kitemanera, sponsors

Dreams, baby. Fly Your Dreams. It’s what kiteboarding is about after all. Dreaming it, learning it, doing it, loving it.

And dreams are how Kitemanera started way back when. So it’s only fitting that the Kitemanera founders – Ossie, Rommel, Silio & Reinaldo – started a non-profit foundation to keep kite dreams alive for everyone on Bonaire. And now the Fly Your Dreams Foundation is one of the main sponsors of Kitemanera.

But what’s the foundation up to the 363 other days of the year, when this crazy kite event is not happening? Well, the guys never rest. The Fly Your Dreams Foundation is busy helping the local community realize their dreams, too. How? By motivating the local youth to pursue their goals, their dreams, their visions. And it can begin with learning to kiteboard. After all, learning this amazing sport takes discipline, commitment, practice – all traits that bring success in other areas of life. And the sooner you begin, the faster your dreams become reality. Cool, right? Kiting with a purpose. We like that.

If you’d like to get involved with helping the foundation promote the sport of kiting on Bonaire, it’s easy. Just give a shout out to the guys at

And in the meantime…get out there and fly your own dreams. You never know where they will take you. After all, the sky’s the limit – especially in kiteboarding.

Stay stoked and see you on the beach!



Kitemanera, sponsors
The entire Kitemanera team is stoked to announce that Claro beer is one of our main sponsors this year. Whoop, whoop! 

Just like Kitemanera, Claro is taking Bonaire by storm. A super chill, clear, Mexican-style beer that pairs perfectly with summertime (and a slice of lime), Claro is the official taste of Kitemanera.

So get ready for a weekend of super-stoked kite action on the water. Then kick back on the beach and enjoy the fun with a cold, crisp Claro.