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Fly Your What?

Dreams, baby. Fly Your Dreams. It’s what kiteboarding is about after all. Dreaming it, learning it, doing it, loving it.

And dreams are how Kitemanera started way back when. So it’s only fitting that the Kitemanera founders – Ossie, Rommel, Silio & Reinaldo – started a non-profit foundation to keep kite dreams alive for everyone on Bonaire. And now the Fly Your Dreams Foundation is one of the main sponsors of Kitemanera.

But what’s the foundation up to the 363 other days of the year, when this crazy kite event is not happening? Well, the guys never rest. The Fly Your Dreams Foundation is busy helping the local community realize their dreams, too. How? By motivating the local youth to pursue their goals, their dreams, their visions. And it can begin with learning to kiteboard. After all, learning this amazing sport takes discipline, commitment, practice – all traits that bring success in other areas of life. And the sooner you begin, the faster your dreams become reality. Cool, right? Kiting with a purpose. We like that.

If you’d like to get involved with helping the foundation promote the sport of kiting on Bonaire, it’s easy. Just give a shout out to the guys at

And in the meantime…get out there and fly your own dreams. You never know where they will take you. After all, the sky’s the limit – especially in kiteboarding.

Stay stoked and see you on the beach!