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Location: Atlantis Kite Beach


It’s time to get down to business, and show the judges what you are made of! During this FREESTYLE COMPETITION the judges will SERIOUSLY evaluate your freestyle skills You will be judged on the complexity of your tricks, risk, speed and style. So unhook, throw in some rotations, grabs and combinations and pass that bar while you’re at it. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! And of course also here. It’s all about the right attitude.


Heat and Elimination


All the riders will compete under a single elimination mode.


Judging Criteria

No limitation in maximum number of trick/jumps/combinations attempts per heat or repetitions for the same jump. All tricks of the whole performance will be counted and will form part of the final result. When performing repetitions of the same move, the best one will be taken into account in the final score. Variety will add considerations to your performance.


A rider shall be scored while being in the designated competition area. Whether a rider is in or out of the competition area, will be at the discretion of the Judge.


There will be one panel of judges, the number of judges will be no less than three in number, shall score each heat using the Kitemanera Evaluation Form and following the 1 to 3 point rule where 1 as the worst and 3 as the best.


The rider with the biggest amount of points at the end of the heat advances to next round.In close heats a tie shall be broken in favor of thecompetitor with the better execution of tricks. And peeps please remember to not judge the judges…it’s still the ‘caimanera’.

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START Heats shall be started with the following system:


Red flag up + 2 long horn: 2 min to the start of heat


Red flag removed and yellow flag up + 1 short horn = 1 min to start of heat


Yellow flag removed and green flag up + 1 long horn = start heat


*Green flag down + 2 short horn = last minute of the heat (Riders next heats should be ready)


*End of the heat = 2 long horn + red flag up

(Continuous clock)

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