Just Five More Days

You want bling? We’ve got your bling right here, baby.

That’s right! Just five more sleeps until the craziest kite carnival in the Caribbean kicks off on Bonaire! And when you’re here and riding the buttery flat goodness that is our local kitespot, remember that there’s an amazing world just underneath your board.

Bonaire is blessed with a beautiful fringing reef all around the island. Truly spectacular. We’re damn lucky, actually. When the wind isn’t blowing (which hardly ever happens, by the way), we just head underwater to play. And this year’s Kitemanera charitable partner – Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire – is helping to make the underwater landscape even more beautiful.

Since 2012, Francesca and her team have been lovingly growing endangered staghorn and elkhorn corals in nurseries, then transplanting them to restoration sites around the island. This gives the fish and invertebrates that thrive in our crystal-clear waters an exciting three-dimensional habitat to call home. Since its inception, CRF has successfully transplanted more than 9,000 baby corals on our reefs!

When you register for this year’s Kitemanera event, a portion of your fee will be donated to CRF Bonaire. And in your goodie bag, you’ll receive an official CRF Bonaire tag. Wear it with pride, Kitemaneros! Plus, you’re entitled to discounts on CRF Bonaire merchandise, available for sale at the event. And while you’re on the island, you don’t want to miss the chance to snorkel or scuba dive and explore our beautiful coral reefs up close. That is, if you’re not too tired from all the Kitemanera craziness.

Stay stoked, and we’ll see you this weekend at Atlantis Kite Beach for Kitemanera 2017.