Your address will show here +12 34 56 78


  • Everyone that registered to participate needs to wear a costume (Mandatory) for the first race. 


  • NON-RESIDENTS must have purchased the STINAPA NATURE FEE (Entrance Fee to Bonaire National Park).


  • Please remember to clean up after yourself! That means NO TRASH!!! Please only leave your footprints when you go. 
  • Safety and fair play are the most important aspects of the competition.

  • When crossing close to another kiter, the upwind kiter keeps his kite high, and the downwind kiter keeps his kite low.

  • Do not jump when you are upwind of another kiter. Keep a clear area ahead behind, and downwind of you before you jump. You know shit HAPPENS!

  • Do not ride close to other riders, they could turn unexpectedly. Look in all directions ahead, behind, upwind, downwind, straight up, and underwater for sharks!


  • The kiter who is launching the kite has the priority; all the incoming kiters should give way to them. 

  • Rider should stay clear of the competition area when not competing. 

  • Please don’t jump close to the rescue Boats, the corals, and if you do it try not to land over them! Trust us it freaking hurts.


  • Rider is required to wear the official rashguard, unless we run out. Then you can wear whatever you want, even go naked!


  • Riders should check the notice board for information about your heat. If that’s too much effort, at least ask somebody or pay attention to the commentator!

  • Have lots of fun!






On Bonaire we consider kitesurfers to be ambassadors of our beautiful environment. Together we should promote the health of our beaches and ocean. After all, we depend on it. Respect Mother Nature and follow these simple rules:


  • Non-residents must purchase a non-diving Marine Park Tag ($10 USD). You can buy one at different locations around the island, like the STINAPA office, dive shops, dive schools, kitesurf schools or on the day of the event at the Kitemanera registration table. If you already have a 2017 Marine Park tag, please bring it with you. PROOF OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED! 


  • For everyone’s safety (including snorkelers, divers & swimmers) and in accordance with Stinapa Marine Park regulations, kiting is not permitted within 75 meters of the coast except in areas designated for kiting (Atlantis Kite Beach). For all participants doing the Sunday Downwinder, make sure to stay out of the light blue water at all times. NO EXCUSES. If we see you breaking this rule, you will be required to put your kite down and exit the water immediately.

For more information, please visit Stinapa Bonaire website: Stinapa Site