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Why Do Kitemaneros Look So Good?

Roan is DAMN excited about this year’s lycras!

Admit it. One reason you love Kitemanera so much is the awesome lycras that come in your goodie bag. You know you secretly love to wear them (the lycras, not the goodie bag…unless that’s your thing, in which case…go for it) long after the event, during random kite sessions at Atlantis or wherever you happen to be around the world. Spreading a little Kitemanera cheer throughout the year.

And when you’re looking great on the beach wearing your new swag at Kitemanera 2017, be sure and say thanks to Rocargo…this year’s sponsor who made them possible. They have also sponsored a bunch of other stuff, too. Like the super-cool, overwater stage for the fashion show during the Kitemanera kick-off on Friday night, May 26th. Thanks for keeping the sexy models out of the pool, guys.

We couldn’t do it without our major sponsors. So a huge Kitemanera shout-out to Robbie and the team at Rocargo. Without their support, we’d all be topless on the beach during Kitemanera. Oh wait…are we really saying that like it would be a bad thing?

Just kidding! Stay stoked, keep your clothes on at the beach and we’ll see you all soon.