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Windhoek: Keeping Our Pros Cozy

Carlos Mario. Youri Zoon. Lasse Walker. 

What do these guys have in common besides being epic pro riders who are ALL coming to Kitemanera 2017? When they’re not showing us their sick tricks on the H2O, they’re all going to be relaxing at the most luxe, laid back guesthouse on Bonaire.

Windhoek Resort.

Just kick back and r-e-l-a-x.

A huge Kitemaneros THANK YOU to the boys – Roan & Freek – for making sure our pros chill in style at the only four-star, eco resort on the island. Amazing villas in a lush garden. A ridiculous pool with enough lounge chairs for all the boys and their friends. A palapa as big as the guys’ big air jumps. Plus a communal BBQ for all those grill n’ chill sessions after dark. And the best part? This tropical paradise is just a few minutes from Atlantis Kite Beach, the main site for Kitemanera 2017. We have to admit, we’re a little jealous.

So check out Windhoek and show them a little love, too. Oh, and did we mention the Windhoek Kitemanera special? Yeah, check that out too. 50% off your stay if you’re coming to the most epic kitesurfing event in the Caribbean. We can’t think of a more perfect place to call home if you’re coming to Bonaire to kite. 

See you on the beach!